STONEWORK      decorative/functional     custom work available
taking the beauty of nature and turning it into functional works of art
two piece functional planters
made from one stone
come with free indoor plants $120
to $800
I have been an artist my entire life. Working through a wide variety of mediums, I have now created a unique art form.  Although stone has long been
used in art, it has not been fashioned this way, this type of sculpted two-piece planter. These are not just rocks with holes. These are unique,
one-of-a-kind functional planters each sculpted from a single hand picked stone. The bottom drainage section is part of the original rock so the
pattern of the grain continues from top to bottom. Each planter comes with an indoor bonsai which I may or may not have grown. The price is in
making the planter, the plant comes free. But, they can be used for many other plants. We've discovered that by blending the stone with a 'matching'
plant, it turns the beauty of nature into a piece of functional art that soothes the soul.

In addition, I make stone vessels. They come in a wide variety of sizes and natural colors. I use hand held tools which I customize to cut, shape and
carve the rock. Many are enhanced with my own original designs. All artwork is original, one of a kind, and never repeated.

We  believe the environment is important, thus we try to recycle and make use of the discarded material. The end pieces from my planters and vases
are fashioned into other functional items - such as card holders, massage tools, Ikebana vases, bottle stoppers and garden
mushrooms.                                                                                                                                                              Bill (and sometimes, Toni)
                                                                                                                                            Bill says he does everything.
                                                                                                                                            Toni says she does everything else.
large vessels  $120 - $520
Single and most multi hole vessels will
ship anywhere in the US,
including Alaska and Hawaii
, flat
rate box priority mail,
We will ship for you.
single hole stone vessels       
cut and polished on top $40 - $60
multiple holes $90 - $320
original, one of a kind designs
carved and etched into each stone  
$90  - $180      
These hand picked stones are made into unique vessels, sealed
to hold water or soap. All one inch holes come with a pump.
Designs are original, hand carved and never repeated. Because
stones themselves are one of a kind, we don't offer a catalogue.
Go to 'contact us' to order. Tell us what you are after - size,
color, amount of holes. We'll send you an image of some choices!
Bud vases $30
Pumps are now stainless steel, brushed
nickel in color.
They are $4 each plus $2 for shipping each. .
Go to 'contact us' to order. We'll need your
address to ship right away.

Occasional Pump Maintenance
Soap buildup can cause pump failure. Using
an extended paperclip, work it into the pump
spout and force the pump up and down.
Dripping olive oil down the pump stem can
help breakdown the buildup..
Doing this occasionally will help to keep from
having a problem.
menorahs, plain stone $200
etched with tree of life $400
each design is drawn by hand
directly onto the individual stone
creating a one of a kind piece of
You decide color of stone, capacity of
hole, etching if desired. Completed urn
can be sealed with epoxy after you
receive it.
$90 - $480